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The FAFSA application is provided to you by the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) and is ALWAYS free!

Brand New Scholarship Opportunity!
$6,000 in scholarships to graduate and undergraduate students who wish to raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol abuse and addiction by participating in yearly essay contests!
1st place winner will receive $3,000
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Manage Your Student Loans
Attention college students and future students alike: The U.S. federal government has just released what can be described as the most essential tool for selecting an affordable college as well as choosing the most cost-effective academic field. This extensive searchable database is called The College Scorecard and it provides priceless financial and "performance" information on virtually every college and university in America!

That's right.. now you can compare the average cost of the kind of degree you want at different schools, view the school's historic graduation rates, and also get an idea of what kind of salary your desired degree might fetch you in the future! Best of all this is all coming to you free from Uncle Sam... wow! Check out this short video explaining how to navigate this new invaluable college resource...

Is Going To College Always Necessary?

Say what? Yes, you read correctly. With the college student loan bubble growing bigger each year, we dared to pose this question. And the answer may somewhat surprise you once you discover some key numerical figures that many universities are not willing to make public... (Read More)

6 Ways to Go Green on a College Budget

While it may not be easy going green, as a student you can still be a force for change on a college budget. Here are a few free or cheap activities to get you started.......(Read More)

5 Eco-Friendly Moving Tips for College Students

After your freshman or sophomore year, it may be time to move out of the dorms and into a house or apartment. From packing tape and heavy boxes to budget trucks and moving companies, relocating to your first official place can really take a toll on the environment....(Read More)
The Essential Guide to High Schoolers Prepping for College

What can high school students do during their four years to prepare for their impending college education? Plenty, say a host of experts, parents and educators.In fact, high school students with their sites aimed on college will likely underestimate the amount of work that's needed in getting ready for college....(Read More)
How Students Can Find Financial Peace in College

High school students have a lot to think about once they have chosen the college that they will go to for their career. They need to find a place to live, they need to decide whether they will work while attending classes, and they need to know where the best pizzeria is located....(Read More)

State Money
Federal Money

Each year, over $3 billion in scholarship money, grants, and loans are awarded to state residents attending local colleges and universities. In this section you'll find a compilation of state scholarship programs and financial aid services administered by local governments in all 50 states. Click here to see what's available where you live!
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The U.S. Federal Government hands out over $340 billion to ordinary civilians every year in the form of project grants, scholarships, loans, fellowships, internships, and job training programs. Yet, most of these tax-payer programs simply go to waste as most people don't even know about them. Click here to access our database of federal grant information and claim your share today!
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Private Money
Low Cost Colleges

There are literally hundreds of thousands of scholarships available to college students and grant seekers alike from private corporations, associations, unions, foundations, religious, civic, and fraternal organizations. Most award scholarship funds based on a vastly wide variety of qualifications and criteria. Here you will find a handful of great online resources that will help you track down the best private funding sources for your educational goals.
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Are you paying the best possible price for your college or graduate education? In the past ten years, the average cost of college tuition and fees has spiked up to over 38%. However, there are still a number of high quality, fully accredited educational institutions in all 50 states that offer matriculating students very competitive and affordable rates. Click here to select your state and find the best bargains in college tuition where you live!
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