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Is Going To College Always Necessary?

Authored By: Brandon Diaz
As an entrepreneur and web designer, Brandon enjoys the freedom that comes with being his own boss and being an "independent thinker".
Alternatives to College?

Hmm.. seems almost like a taboo suggestion, doesn't it? Well as someone who figured out a long time ago that most universities are more about *business* rather than education, I'd just like to add my tiny perspective on this whole massive student debit crisis which now pervades the United States.

Well, to put it bluntly... "going to college" does not always have to be the answer after high school ... What?? (yes you read correctly).

Sure, we know... that sounds strange coming from a college-oriented website. But there must finally be a certain amount of honesty interjected in this so-called market place called "Education". We appreciate that the U.S. government has finally taken the first step in providing this much needed transparency for students and families.

Remember one thing... there are always other options than just following the "beehive mentally" to seek matriculation and obtain a college degree after high school. Education and knowledge are not the same thing. To be an "educated" person in this world today simply means you are taught an authorized body of information and/or a certain number of skills to become employable in a highly competitive workforce. KNOWLEDGE on the other hand can be obtained for free at your local public library, bookstore or even from videos tutorial on YouTube.

Think of it this way... once you are enrolled in college, your college professor will require you to purchase certain academic books (usually brand new and expensive) in order to complete your coursework. But let's say you are not enrolled in college. Is it still possible to visit the same bookstore and purchase the same books (maybe even used) and teach yourself the same coursework? Heck Yeah! What do you think Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) did, or what countless other successful entrepreneurs have done?

Since we here at are somewhat of the "entrepreneur types" ourselves, we would actually love to see more of you embrace the option of small business ownership. Not everyone is meant to be an employee... just like not everyone has the determination to be "the boss".

You alone will know if you have what it takes to think outside the box, start your own business and put the blood, sweat and tears into it. But if you consider this option, here are three pieces of advice we'd like to share with you...

1) Never start a business just to make big money (big mistake).. instead, do something you truly enjoy doing..
2) Don't expect your business venture to be easy or successful right away, and..
3) Never give up on your business when things get tough.. and believe me, they will.. but if you truly are "boss material".. you will persevere and succeed!

All the best to you,
The staff here at..

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