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State Scholarships
While it's true the federal government is the single largest provider of financial aid for college students, there is still more money available from local and state governments which totals over $3 billion each year allocated for all 50 states. Each state has its own individual guidelines for applying for their student aid, and there is usually a residency requirement necessary.

Collectively, the number of state scholarships, grants and fellowships numbers well into the thousands. But in this section you'll find a basic compilation of financial assistance programs organized by their administering state higher education agency. To see what's available where you live just select your state from the drop down menu below, or click on your state from the left navigation bar:

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Here's a sample list of some of the more interesting scholarships, grants and fellowship programs that are available state by state within the United States:
AQHA Swayze Woodruff Memorial Scholarship
Up to $9,000 in scholarships for Alabama residents to learn about horses! Read More

The Alaska Space Grant Program (ASGP)
Up to $5,000 to Alaska undergraduate students to help NASA with their research projects! Read More

AWS John C. Lincoln Memorial Scholarship
Up to $3,500 to Arizona undergraduates to study welding.
Read More

Arkansas Chamber Singers Music Scholarship
$1,000 scholarship for Arkansas singers to study Choral Music! Read More

Bobette Bibo Gugliotta Creative Writing Scholarship
$1,000 to graduating California high school seniors to study creative writing. Read More

Education First Scholarship
Up to $3,000 for low income Colorado high school seniors to go to college. Read More

Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund
Up to $18,000 to needy Connecticut students with at least a 3.0 GPA. Read More

"I Matter" Scholarship
$5,000 to Delaware graduating high school seniors to attend college. Read More

DC Tuition Assistance Grant (DCTAG)
Up to $10,000 for Black Washington DC students to go to college for four years. Read More

CFJS Scholarships
Up to $2,500 to Florida high school students to study Jazz in college! Read More

Watson-Brown Foundation Scholarships
$5,000 to Georgia college students with a minimum 3.0 GPA.
Read More

Fukunaga Scholarship Foundation
$18,000 scholarships toward a 4-year college education for Hawaii students. Read More

Idaho Governor's Cup Scholarship
Up to $12,000 to Idaho graduating high school seniors to go to college. Read More

Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois
Up to $23,000 to graduating Illinois high school seniors to attend college. Read More

The AAF-Greater Evansville Scholarship Award
Up to $5,000 in scholarships for Indiana residents to learn marketing, advertising, public relations, or graphic design.
Read More

Iowa's Matthew Shepard Scholarships
Up to $40,000 to Iowa students to pay for four years of college! Read More

Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship
$3,000 scholarships to help young Kansas residents become entrepreneurs. Read More

Kentucky Tuition Grant
Up to $3,000 to financially needy Kentucky college students.
Read More

Rockefeller State Wildlife Scholarship
$12,000 to Louisiana residents to study forestry, wildlife or marine science. Read More

State of Maine Grant Program
Up to $5,000 scholarships to financially needy Maine College students. Read More

Letitia B. Carter Scholarship
Up to $2,000 to graduating high school seniors in Maryland to learn about the restaurant and hospitality industry.
Read More

Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund
Up to $18,000 in scholarships to financially needy Massachusetts residents to go to college for four years.
Read More

Leadership Speech Contest
$5,500 scholarships to Michigan high school students who understand the importance of leadership. Read More

Minnesota State Grant Program
Up to $8,202 for low income Minnesota high school seniors attend a four-year college. Read More

Tupelo Elvis Fan Club Scholarship
Up to $5,000 to the best Mississippi high school senior who can sing and dance like Elvis Presley! Read More

Community Foundation of the Ozarks Scholarship
$5,000 scholarships for graduating Missouri high school seniors to attend college. Read More

Montana Life Members Scholarship
$4,000 scholarships to Montana residents to major in Agriculture, Forestry, Land and Greenhouse Management.
Read More

Louis C. & Amy E. Nuernberger Scholarship
Up to $10,000 scholarships to Nebraska residents who demonstrate academic achievement and initiative.
Read More

The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation Scholarship
$1,000 to female Nevada college students who want to work in the entertainment and sports industry. Read More

New Hampshire Food Industries Scholarships
$1,000 merit based scholarships to bright New Hampshire college students Read More

Janet Logan Daily Foundation Scholarship
$10,000 scholarships to New Jersey graduating high school seniors to further their education. Read More

New Mexico State Student Incentive Grants
$2,500 scholarships to financially needy New Mexico residents to attend a public or private educational institution.
Read More

FSCNY Scholarship (Money Gram Scholarship)
$7,500 to graduating New York high school seniors who demonstrate leadership and high academic achievement.
Read More

Aubrey Lee Brooks Scholarships
$12,000 scholarships to graduating high school seniors in North Carolina to get an undergraduate education. Read More

Hawkinson Foundation Scholarships
Up to $5,000 scholarships awarded annually to North Dakota college students. Read More

Beat the Odds Program
$5,000 to outstanding Ohio high school students who have faced and overcome adversity. Read More

The Jimmie L. Dean Foundation Scholarship
$10,000 scholarships to graduating Oklahoma high school seniors to go to college or university for the first time.
Read More

Oregon Music Hall of Fame Scholarship
Up to $10,000 scholarships to graduating Oregon high school seniors to study music! Read More

AMS Scholarship Program
Up to $2,000 scholarships for Pennsylvania college students to pursue a career in environmental science. Read More

Rhode Island Academic Promise Scholarship
$2,500 to graduating Rhode Island high school seniors to attend college or university. Read More

Harry Hampton Memorial Wildlife Fund
$20,000 scholarship (paid over four years) to South Carolina students to major in wildlife, fisheries, forestry, biology, zoology or marine science. Read More

Vincent L. Hawkinson Foundation Scholarship
Up to $5,000 for South Dakota college students.
Up to $1,000 for South Dakota high school students.
Read More

TN Ned McWherter Scholars Program
$24,000 scholarship (paid over 4 years) to graduating Tennessee high school seniors with a 3.5 GPA. Read More

Hendrick Scholarship Foundation
$16,500 scholarships to Texas high school graduates with at least a 2.5 GPA. Read More

Utah Jump$tart Coalition Financial Literacy
$1,000 scholarships to Utah high school students who understand the concepts of financial literacy. Read More

Emily Lester Vermont Opportunity Scholarship
$3,000 scholarships to Vermont home health care students.
Read More

Lee-Jackson Educational Scholarship
$10,000 scholarships to Virginia high school students who submit the best analytical essay. Read More

Sub Pop Loser Scholarship
Up to $7,000 scholarships to graduating Washington high school seniors to enroll in college fulltime. Read More

West Virginia PROMISE Scholarships
$4,750 scholarships to West Virginia high school students to help pay for college. Read More

Wisconsin Tuition Grants
$3,000 to Wisconsin students enrolled at least half-time in Wisconsin colleges. Read More

Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Scholarship
$1,000 to Wyoming residents to study engineering and geology. Read More


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